Friday, March 14, 2008

Americana bracelets

I wanted to make a bracelet for my girls American spirit.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dainty Daisy Chains

Britta's bracelets

Here are the sizes;
Newborn (0-6mo.)...5 in.
Infant (6-12mo.).......5.25 in.
Toddler (12-24mo.).....5.50 in.
Lil' girl (2yr-4yr)....5.75 in.- 6 in.

If you would like a bracelet for you or your big girl email me
with her wrist measurements.
All of my jewelry is hand-made and original. I try to make them strong and durable, yet I know that with all jewelry there is NO guarantee that it won't break. PLEASE watch your children while they wear any jewelry. I do have a 10 day guarantee that if one of my pieces of jewelry break within 10 days of receipt, I will replace the item free of charge. Just email me the day it happens and I will make a new one and send it to you the next business day.

Americana barrettes $10.00 per set

This will be the perfect accessory for your little girls hair to help show off her American heritage.
They are hand-made and come in sets of 2.