Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giveaway at "Curlys Creations"

My sister-in-law has an awesome blog with really cute ideas and great inspiration. She is doing a give-away right now and this is what she is giving away. Click here to get all the information for your chance to win. When you leave a comment make sure you put the name of my blog in your comment so she knows where you heard about this giveaway. O.K.?! Thank you and Merry Christmas! Also stayed tuned for another give-away from me, I will be doing one soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Looking for that perfect gift for that certain someone? Looking for something to give that will be cherished through out the years and loved from the first sight of opening it? Then look no further but right here, right now.These are made with the highest quality wood and products. They measure about 16"x16" and fold in half for easy storage, and can be personalized to what you want.
Just tell me what colors/theme you would like, from princess to pirate to space to Christmas or even Thanksgiving themes, this will truly be a family heirloom to cherish for years to come. You may choose ANY colors/themes. In fact, I had a customer order a banjo theme for her Dad's Christmas gift, and that was a fun one to do. I love to be creative!Now the checker pieces are what make it. I hand stamp the crown on the back with a stamp which I made myself, and if you would like photos or other pictures on the front of each piece, I can do that too. I also make a bag to store those checker pieces in.
If you like what you see and think you might like to WOW your Family and Friends, then hop on over to my site and order yours today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Car seat tutorial

A few years ago I recovered my little girls car seat to make it look more "girly". It was an ugly brown. Since then my little girl turned four and I just got rid of that car seat. As I was making it I did not take pictures so I apologize now for not having pictures of the process. The reason I'm doing this now is because my sister-in-law is having a little boy in February and has a little girl who used a girly looking car seat and as we all know boys just can't get away with sitting in a girly carseat. Right?

So let's begin...

Step 1
: Take the car seat cover off of the seat. (The plastic pieces at the seat belt slots should be able to squeeze and push out.)
Step 2: Lay out your fabric wrong side up, then lay the car seat cover out on the fabric. Make sure it's laying as flat as you can get it to.
Step 3: Trace around the seat cover and make sure you trace about an inch around the seat for the seam allowances (only where you'll sew pieces together). You might want to trace it in sections. (The main part, the sides, etc.)
Step 4: Cut out pieces that you just traced then sew the pieces together, using the old car seat as a guide.
Step 5: Put the old car seat back on the seat, then put the new one (you just sewed together) and see how it fits. It should be snug. Adjust it to fit and make any changes.
Step 6: Sew bias tape around the edges, it makes it look clean cut and more professional. For those of you who are mystified by bias tape go here.
I hope this makes since and if you have any questions just ask. I've searched and searched and these are the only pictures I could find of the seat. I'm still searching for more because I know I took more, so you can get more of an idea of how cute it was. For now enjoy these...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GIVEAWAY at "While they sleep"....

At my sisters blog, "While they sleep", she is doing a giveaway for only one day. She will be giving away 2 patterns from her shop to that lucky winner. So hop on over to her blog and take part in her giveaway for a chance to win 2 of her awesome patterns. Good luck!

Christmas cards from Heritage Makers

Heritage Makers just SLASHED their card prices for this week only! If you’re interested in doing your Christmas cards contact me. I’m also offering a special this week that if you purchase one of these packages I’ll make your Christmas cards for you…..wouldn’t be bad to have someone else do all the leg work for you! Contact me for more information or go to my etsy shop.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Preserving my traditions and Memories

What are your traditions for birthdays, holidays, or other special days of the year? Traditions are important; they define our lives, our dreams, and the things that mean the most to us. Like the Butlers, you too have important family traditions to preserve.

For birthdays, the Butlers:
  • Make each birthday a special day for each member of
    the family.
  • Have birthday parties at Grandma Butler’s house, in the park, at home, the zoo, the canyon, or even at a local
    theme park.
  • Play fun games such as Musical Chairs, Frisbee, piƱata, and an English “parcel” game.
What do you do for birthdays? Do you have birthday parties? Play special games? Go somewhere special?

For Christmas, the Butlers:
  • Decorate the Christmas tree with updated framed photos.
  • Involve the kids in local charities, such as gathering blankets, toiletries, toys, and school supplies for the homeless shelter.
  • Are awakened by the youngest child’s shouts of “It’s morning!” on Christmas day.
  • Make Christmas a day about family, service, and giving.
What do you do for Christmas? Do you wait to open all presents on Christmas morning? Hang stockings up on the fireplace mantle? Go Christmas Caroling?

For Thanksgiving, the Butlers:
  • Celebrate with extended family.
  • Make festive pilgrim hats and Native American headdresses.
  • Send out Thanksgiving greetings to express gratitude to friends and family.
  • Take a restful nap after eating so much turkey.
What do you do for Thanksgiving? Do you have a big feast with extended family? Play a special Thanksgiving sports game? Play games with cousins? Make a special dish?

What special traditions do you have for other holidays? Do you celebrate Kwanza? Celebrate Hanukkah? Go on a special vacation each year?

If you like the Butler’s traditions, you can preserve your own. Find these three templates in the Heritage Makers template gallery. Show how you celebrate your family traditions.

A Butler

How the Butlers Keep Christmas
How the Butlers Celebrate Birthdays

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It’s true. In just five minutes you can create the perfect greeting card, complete with pictures and personalized text. It’s really that easy.

To start:
1. Go to the Heritage Makers Template Gallery.
2. Choose one greeting card template from the hundreds available.
3. Your template automatically goes into your Studio account.
4. Add pictures.
5. Add text.

And you’re finished! You can send greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, or simply just because. In 5 minutes, you can make someone’s day with a stunning greeting card.
And don’t forget about direct shipping. This holiday season you don’t need to battle the elements to get your cards to the post office. Direct ship your cards through Heritage Makers system. You can easily do this in checkout.

You can create cards for many different occasions. Take a look:

Hanukkah Card
designed by Holly Hunter

Birthday Card Grandparent
designed by Julie Riesgraf

Thank you
designed by Dianne Pabst

Blue Christmas Card
designed by Shara and David Darke

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You’ll fall in love with the new Holiday Basics collection. This is one of the best collections yet, with so many design possibilities. Just check out the different features:

The embellishments are designed so you can easily change the color and stamp it all over a paper to make a fun looking background or give your project that extra-perfect element.

The paper in this collection is the most exciting feature. You’ll notice that as you drag certain papers onto your project, parts of it are transparent. This allows you to design your own paper. Choose a blue base background and embellish it with a partly transparent piece that is red. It’s like creating your own wallpaper!

Go crazy with the fun word art. Change it to any color you want. You can even make it transparent and use it as a background piece.

Loving what you can do so far? Good ‘cause here’s the challenge. Holiday Basics makes for great gift cards—no matter the season or the reason. Design a gift card for a special person in your life using only the Holiday Basics collection. Then, send in your project previews to We’ll pick three amazing designs to show in the next Stories and More so you can see how much fun this collection is.
If you don't have a membership to Heritage Makers and like what you see, contact me at;
If you go to my Heritage Makers site than you can see more of what Heritage Makers is all about. I love it and I know you will too.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

In my shop

I put my gingerbread clippies in my shop. They are new this year and I'm excited to be creating more Christmas clippies so come back soon to see my other ones. I'm working on little Christmas snails that are turning out adorable.