Monday, December 6, 2010

Lily and Thistle's "Day of Giving"

 I would like to introduce you to my sister and her paper dolls.  She has brought back the magic of girlhood through her beautiful paper dolls.  My own daughters play with them and LOVE them.  They especially like that the paper dolls look like them.  These would make the perfect gift for any girl both young and old.  In fact, I like to get down and play right along side my girls and now they play with their brother as paper dolls.  So go over to her site and have a look.   

 Buy any Custom Paper Doll Package  and receive another free custom doll with Winter Outfits to give away (or to keep...we won't tell).
Buy ANYTHING from the shop and receive a free one year membership to the Outfit of the Month club.

Everything will be tastefully wrapped and ready to go under your tree.

Sale ends tomorrow at 12 a.m. MST so HURRY!