Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girls summer hairstyles

As summer is winding to a close, I have been pretty busy with getting the kids ready for the school year, keeping them busy so that they're not "bored" (as they would say), and just trying to pass the the time until they're back in school and the house is quiet for at least 4 to 6 hours a day again.  Does that sound bad?  I love my kids, but sometimes I need a break.  You know? 
Well, as these days of summer are going, I have been sleeping in a bit, my kids too.  They are at that wonderful stage of sleeping in too or if they DO wake up earlier than the rest of us they know not to wake anyone.  (Love it and enjoying it until school starts).  Anyway, I've been able to do my girls hair about every other day.  Since they don't have to be anywhere I don't think about their hair unless, of course, we do have to go somewhere.  (Which hasn't happened very often this summer).  Here are a couple of hair styles I thought of as I was doing my girls hair, because that's how I do it.  I have no idea most of time what I'm to do with their hair until I just start to do it.  (Sometimes they have their own opinions, though)
This is my daughter, Elsa right before bedtime with her hair taken out.  This is also what her hair has been lookin' like just about everyday that we don't have to go anywhere.  I know, I'm bad.  I can't wait 'til school starts and I get to be creative everyday with her hair and her sisters.  (Now her sister's hair is long enough for quite a few styles, Yea!)  
 This hairstyle was fun to create.  I started out just twisting her hair on top and I was going leave the rest down.  (Which would have been pretty), but since we were going somewhere (outside), I thought she would be cooler if I got her hair up and off of her neck.  So I did a fish tail and ended it with a firework.  (I just pulled the hair half way through the elastic on the last turn.) 

 This is my other daughter, Abby.  She wanted two pony tails and this was how I achieved it with her hair still being too short for full-on, straight pony tails.  I braided the front parts to keep the short pieces back in the pony tails.  She was so pleased!

 This was another attempt to put her hair on one pony tail.  (Which she wanted)  So I did a hair headband, then put the rest of the hair back. 

 This is one happy customer!

This hairstyle is one I got from  Well, the double twisted ponytail part is.  I french twisted her hair, did the double twist with the ponytail, then ended it with a firework.  Then adorned it with the cute little pinwheel clippy I made. 
What do you think? 
Have you done any fun hairstyles lately?  And how have all of your summer's gone so far lately?  Hope everyone is great! 
Stay tuned for some projects I've been working on.  A couple of them are outfits for my girls first day of school.  Hope I get them done on time.  I'm even making the patterns. 


Danielle said...

Very cute!

madmoney said...

Very cute looks very hard to do.