Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm an affiliate

I found a place to go to get vinyl and other accessories for not a lot of money.  Well, I didn't find it, my sister and sister in law told me about it.  Anyway, if you look on my side bar, you'll see a new logo for Expressions Vinyl.com.  Yeah!  It's them!  Their prices are better than I've seen so far.  So go and check'em out! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine's day?............Already?

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but frankly I haven't felt  like it.  Yes, the flu bug entered our home.  It started with my youngest, then went to me,  which I'm feeling much better, (still have a fever) but I have enough energy to keep the house picked up (a little), do the dishes and do the laundry.  Then it went to my boys this morning.  My other daughter hasn't caught it yet or my husband and I hope they don't.   I got some Zycam and the boys and I are taking it religiously.  Well, enough about me and my problems here is something FUN for you to decorate your home with.  
My sister in law, over at  Curlys Creations, is having a whole week of freebee's.  What is she giving away?  You might be asking.  She made the cutest signs for Valentines day.   I can't believe Valentine's day is almost here.  Wasn't it just Christmas?  Anyway, hurry on over to her site and pick some up for YOUR home.    You'll want to get them all!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A new hat and scarf for Abby

About a month ago, when it started getting cold.  I was at JoAnn Fabrics, I saw some really cute  fleece in the remnants basket.  There was just a little less than a yard rolled up, so I bought it and made this hat and scarf for Abby.  It was so easy and the only sewing I did was around the hat...oh yeah and I sewed on the pockets.   She loves it and wears it everyday! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm back! Sorry it's been so long!

Hello everyone!  I hope all your Holidays were great!  Mine was simply unforgettable.  We went up to Reno to be with my parents and the rest of the family.  It was so good to be with everyone and create new memories.
One of the ways it was so unforgettable was when my husband, kids and I first got there.  My family had a birthday breakfast for me.  Yes, I am one of the lucky ones to have a birthday close to Christmas.  After blowing out my candle that my mom put in my pancake, I ate, then my dear sister brought me two candles that smell heavenly.  Then proceeded to bring out more gifts.  The first gift was vinyl for a silhouette machine.  She said it was for when I bought or won one in a giveaway or something.  Then, gift #2 was a gift card for the Silhouette store.  Then, my sister-in-law, Camille said she had ordered some tools for doing projects on a silhouette, but they didn't get there in time.  O.k. so do you see a pattern here.  The last and final gift was......you guessed it.....a Silhouette machine.  I could not believe it!  After thanking her many, many times, I started to think of all sorts of projects I could do.  My first project that I did was for my mom's laundry room downstairs.  (Since that's where I set it up while I was there.)  It's just a simple sign that says "Laundry"  then has an arrow pointing down at the washer and dryer.  It's cute, but you'll have to take my word for it because I didn't get a picture of it.  But I did get a picture of my next project.  I made a "Welcome" sign for my front door.  It's funny, before I got one of these machines, I had all kinds of ideas in mind, and now that I have one I can't think of any ideas.  I know they will start coming back to me the more I think about and do them.  So here is my front door....

 Stayed tuned for more finished projects.  I'm so excited to do stuff with this Silhouette!