Thursday, February 23, 2012

Decorating 101: Girls room

I love to decorate.  I don't think of myself as a great decorator, but I do try and it is fun to try things, even if they don't always turn out quite like I would have liked.  It has been especially challenging to decorating on a budget, (like a lot of us, I know).  I have really enjoyed Pinterest (also like a lot of us do), and have gotten some great ideas, which I will be posting when I get done with those projects, but for now I hope you'll enjoy what I did for my Elsa's wall by her bed. 
 When Elsa came home from school and saw what I did to her room, she LOVED it!  
I love it when that happens
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I know the day is almost over, but I could not let this day go by without wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. 
This morning my kids were so excited to see what treats were left for them today in their mailbox's.  We have a new tradition in our home for V-day.  I decorated these cute little mailbox's which I got at Target for $1.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the vinyl.  They turned out pretty cute and my kids have been enjoying looking in them everyday to see what treat they got.  Today was a bunch of little treats from their grandparents. 

 Then the kids got ready for school and I did the girls hair.  Yes, I had time to do their hair cute.  This is how I did it.
 Triple hearts
Braided heart
Then, while they were at school I made these little sweetie's.  I got the recipe from 
Let me just say that they were yummy!  It was a treat for the kids to come home to. 
 Cheesecake bites

These were from my visiting teachers.  (In my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, we have (and are) visiting teachers, who are assigned to 1 to 3 women of the church, we go and visit with them at least once a month and bring a little lesson/treat.)  We also make lasting relationships with some of these women.  It's a fun organization.

Anyway, that was my Valentine's day so far.  How was yours?  Now I'm going to make a nice dinner for my husband.  Have a great day!

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