Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, can you believe it's 2013?  What a great holiday season we had over here at our home.  If you would like to see our Christmas happenings you can visit our family blog here.  For New Years Eve we spent it at home with each other eating fondue, playing our new Wii games and watching the count down to the new year, then celebrating!  What did you do for New Years?

Well, I promised I would show what I made for my girls for Christmas.....after Christmas so there wouldn't be any chance of them sneaking a peak.  Well, the time has come....
They have been asking for doll furniture and doll clothes for a long time and every time the American Girl Doll catalog comes they look through it with a pen and circle everything....seriously EVERYTHING!
Well, I decided that it would be so fun to make them some doll clothes and I found some cute patterns found here.  So I set to work.  It WAS fun to work on this gift.  Also, my husband and I make a great pair when it comes to wood working, I think.  He makes the items and I sand and paint them.  That's how it works out and I like it that way.
Well, we decided that doll clothes wouldn't be enough, so we made them these awesome Farmhouse beds found here.  We also were going to make them armoire's for their clothes, but ran out of time, but we're going to make them for them later though.    Anyway so here they are....
Swim suits....so easy and fast!  

Jean jacket...my favorite item to make, though it took a little more time...along with the jean vest below
The girls loved them!

Here is Jenifer, Abby's doll, taking a nap in her new bed.
That is the first quilt that I made all myself.  One of my goals
this year is to quilt more.  I have been pinning a lot of quilting
projects/ideas on my pinterest board. 
I think she likes her dolls new clothes.

This poor dolls hair...Elsa loves her though.
Abby's dolls both fit on the bed...Hooray!
Abby got the doll on the right for Christmas. I didn't make the outfit she's wearing,
it came with her.  This is a My Salon Doll, her name is Brynn. She has real human hair.  Abby and I have had fun
curling it and doing fun hairstyles.
I also made them matching outfits...well skirts, to match their dolls

 What fun things did you do for your kids this Christmas?