Friday, February 8, 2013

Elsa's 10th Birthday

Like many of us, we are on a tight budget, so in order to fulfill her request to have a "friends party", I had to really be creative.  So, with the help of Pinterest, I went to work.
Let me tell ya, it was quite a lot of fun to plan a party on a budget.  I mean, I got to be creative and it was so fulfilling and a little refreshing to look at all my work when it was all finished and think "I made that!".  So here is what I did....

Elsa wanted a doll craft party.    For the invitations I made little purses and for the "goody bags" I made 3d purses to take their crafts home in.  Here is where I found the tutorial....  I am so mad at myself for not taking any pictures of those.  They turned out so cute and I think you could even make them out of fabric or leather for real doll purses/bags.  Maybe I will work on that.
Of course she wanted a lot of crafts, but the party was only an hour and a half and crafting can get rather expensive.  So, I told her we would do two crafts.  She was a little bummed but she picked two of her favorites, which were necklaces for the girls and their dolls and little pipe-cleaner dogs.  (For Barbie sized dolls).  She found this you tube channel a couple months ago and LOVES to watch it and get ideas, and I love it because she no longer looks in the American girl catalog and circles everything.  Instead she tries to make whatever she wants.
Anyway back to the party.  It was so fun.  I think they enjoyed themselves.
The only thing I regret is that I didn't get many photos.  My sister in law was there and she snapped most of these.  So thankful for family and friends who are willing to help.

 Making little pipe cleaner dogs
 I think they liked making these dogs.  
They did pretty good with them, but I needed to help them at times. 

Here they were making necklaces for their dolls and/or themselves.  We took ribbon and threaded beads on them and then tied bows on them next to the beads.  Here is this tutorial.  In the tutorial it said to wrap a piece of scotch tape around the end of the ribbon to make it easier to thread the beads, but I found that just cutting the ribbon at an angle then heat sealing that end worked better for us.

 Here is the food table.  Because every good crafter needs some snacks right?  You can see the little purses I made for them to take their crafts home in, they also had some chocolates in them and they got to pick out some colored glitter glue also.
 The cake stand in the middle is just a wire shelf that I normally keep my laminator on, but for the party I wrapped some party themed ribbon around it, put some balloons on it and voila!  A cute little cake stand.  I wish I would've thought to get a picture of the table with the cake on it.  Oh well, you can kind of see what it all looks like with the cake in the next picture.

 Isn't she the cutest 10 year old!
(Faded shirt and all)
 I got the idea to decorate these number candles here.  And I've always liked those little banners for cakes.
Here's Kit Kittredge enjoying Elsa's birthday breakfast of "doll sized pancakes" and wearing the necklace we made her while practicing our crafts before the party.  
You can always go to my pinterest boards and see what I found for birthday parties.  It's always fun to see what other people found and what they have come up with.

Have a beautiful day!  Don't forget I love comments!