Sunday, October 27, 2013

She Wanted To Be A Rainbow!

 Through out her life, Abby has always wanted to be something unique for Halloween.  For example, one year she wanted to be a Gingerbread Girl...emphasis on opposed to just a plain ol' 'gingerbread man'.  Then, one year she wanted to be Hello Kitty...AS A Ballerina.  So this year when she said she wanted to be a Rainbow I was not surprised.  I thought "O.k. how can I make an inexpensive and EASY Rainbow costume?"  Which is what I needed this year, as we are moving to another home just a block away, but you know how much work that is anyway.
So, this is what I came up with.  While she was in school one day, I took a break from packing boxes and went to work....

So I got the t-shirt at the .99 Cent Store, and already had the ribbon.  What luck, huh?  I pinned the ribbon on the shirt in a rainbow pattern.  Next time, if there is a next time, I won't cut the ribbon before I sew it on the shirt.  When you sew it to the shirt, no matter how careful you are, the shirt shifts and moves and I found that my ribbon was a little short when I was done, but I fixed it by adding long tails to the rainbow.  On the plus side Abby loves how the Rainbow streams down with the skirt and flows.  (Score 1 for Mom!)

 Very easy project.  Took a little bit of time, but still was easy.  You can also hot glue the ribbons to the shirt.  I didn't though because I knew Abby and I knew this would be her new favorite shirt and I wanted it to last through washings.  Which it did go through its first washing and did great.  I just pinned the strings together to the shirt, so they wouldn't get wrapped around the agitator.
Then, I crocheted this Sun/Fall hat for her to wear as the sun.  I started with the light yellow and ran out of it, and changed to the dark yellow, ran out of that, then changed to the orange.  I thought it look cute enough, tied a ribbon to it and VOILA!  A Sun/Fall hat!

Now, the Cloud skirt was easy and free for me.  I found a white sheet in my linen closet that I had not used in a long time.  I used this tutorial from Ruffles n' Stuff.  She uses the top of a pair of tights for the waist, but if you didn't have any that you could use, you could just make a casing for elastic.  Just remember to measure for the casing about 2 or so inches when cutting it out.
So, all in all, I spent $2 on this costume.  $1 for the t-shirt and $1 for the cute striped socks.  (Which I found at the .99 Cent Store also.)  Perfect costume for this Halloween and the most important thing is she LOVES it!

 Like any girl, she loves to twirl!
 Skipping up the path...
 Skipping down the path...
 Thanks Mom! I love it!!!
So, what are your kids going to be for Halloween?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Long Sleeve to Short Sleeve Tutorial

O.k.  so if you saw my Facebook page, you know that my little girl loves this shirt.  She wore it ALL. THE. TIME.  Well, then, one day she got chalk, paint or something on the bottom of the sleeve.  I tried to get it out, it faded a little, but did not come out.  I was about to throw it in the scrap pile I have for doll clothes, but Abby wouldn't hear of it.  She loved it!  So I thought, "Hmmm, maybe we can save it."  And this is how we did....
First, I cut off the bottom of sleeve just above the elastic,
leaving about an inch for seam allowance.

Like so (don't worry about cutting it too even) 

Then, have your little one try it on to what length she wants the sleeve to be. Just to make sure it won't be too tight for her.  If it is, simply move it down the arm to where it's comfortable and that's the length that the sleeve will be.
So next, cut the sleeves to that length plus about an inch for seam allowance.

Next, pin the elastic piece to the sleeve, right sides together.  I had my daughter help me here.  I stretched the elastic and sleeve, and she put the pins in where I told her to.  

Then, sew the sleeve on, right next to the elastic.

Then, trim the seams.  You can surge or do a zig zag stitch on the seam allowance if you want.  I didn't because it's knit and it won't fray.

And there you have it!  The finished product!

Turned out pretty cute!

O.k. little shirt we saved you from being cut and sewn into some doll clothes for now, but soon Abby's gonna grow out of you.  So enjoy your time on her back.  Ha!

Abby is a happy girl now!