Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello!  It's been awhile since I've posted anything, I know.  Like a lot you I have been busy, but that's no excuse, right?  Well, while I was A.W.O.L. I learned some new skills and improved others that I'm excited to share.
There was a time that I wanted to make and sell doll clothes, then that evolved to just making the doll clothes patterns.  I still love that idea and I have made some patterns that are super cute, but need some fine tuning before their ready for the public.  I thought today, I could show you a quick and super easy tutorial for making doll socks.  Even my 9 year old can do it.  
So, if you have a couple of socks that lost their mate, which I'm sure a lot of us do, then grab those socks and lets get going....

 Step 1:  Pick out a cute sock.

 Step 2:  For a knee sock, cut down from the top to about the ankle straight across the sock.
 Step 3:  Turn sock inside out, then sew along the bottom of the sock to make the toe or bottom of the "new" sock.  
Then, fold the sock in half length-wise to find center. 
(Sorry for the picture quality, this was before I got my new, awesome camera)
 Then sew two seams right next to each other.  In the center of the sock.
 Step 4:  Now cut them apart between the seams to make two socks and turn them right-side out. 
 Now you have a pair of cute, striped doll socks!  Now go make some for your doll, (or your daughters doll).  She'll think your so cool!  ;)

 Did you learn or improve on a new skill over the summer?  Please comment and share!

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