Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Covered Button Elastics

I figured out how to do these little cuties a few months back.  They are REALLY simple, I wonder how I didn't think to do them sooner.  All you need is some scrap fabric (who doesn't have that laying around), elastics (which you can get a bunch at the dollar store), and a button maker.  
So, here you go...
Step 1:  Grab some scraps of fabric and these aluminum buttons, any size you want.
I got mine at Michael's.  You can get them at any craft store or Walmart.

 Step 2:  You'll need a covered button maker, as shown above.
  Then, layer this rubber cup, a square of fabric and the large aluminum button piece.

 Then, push the piece down with your thumb, into the rubber cup.
 Trim the fabric a little so you have less fabric to tuck in for the next step.
 This is what it should look like....
 Then, put the bottom piece of the aluminum button on the tucked in fabric.
 Then, with the blue piece of the covered button maker, push it down into the rubber cup.
 Then, voila! Pop it out and you have a covered button.

 Next, take an elastic and thread it through the button hole...
 Loop one side of the elastic through the other side...
 Then pull!

 Then, that's it!  So simple right?!  They work so well in my girls hair and my girls love them!
Now go make a bunch of these cuties!  

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