Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let's Crochet, Hair Bows!

Ok, so I love to crochet!  I didn't always love to do it.  When I was younger I tried it and it just never clicked until a few years ago.  I love to do it now!  It's so relaxing and I can do it while I watch t.v. AND there's literally no mess to clean up afterward.  I just gather up my work and yarn and put it in my basket/bag.  Love it!
Well, I've decided that it would be a fun thing to show you all how to crochet.  That is if you don't already know how and if you want to.  I'm going to call this little segment of my blog, "Let's Crochet!"  I know, I know,  I could've thought harder for a better name, but I kind of like it.  I'm going to teach as if you know nothing about crocheting.  So, if some of it is too basic, just skip that part.  
So, here we go....
Today, I thought I'd start with an easy project.  
Hair Bows!
These are so fun and cute in my girls hair.  My girls are 10 and 12 years old and they adore these little bows and I love how easy they are.  They take about 30 minutes tops to make a pair. 
You will need:  a crochet hook (any size you prefer, I used size G6/4.00 mm), yarn (any color), scissors, and a yarn needle.

First thing to do is start with a slip knot on your hook.    

 Wrap yarn around your finger
 Put the first wrap of the yarn through the hole and pull but just until it makes a loop
 Put hook through the loop and pull short end of yarn tight, but not too tight.
 Put the yarn over the hook (yarn over) and pull the yarn through the loop

 Now you have your first stitch
 Now, chain 10 stitches
Then, do a half double crochet in the 2nd chain from hook, then in each chain until you get to the first chain stitch. (8 stitches)  Then do 3 half double crochets (hdc) in 1st chain stitch. Then, 1 hdc in each chain on the other side
  To do a Half Double Crochet (HDC), first yarn over, then put 
hook through the stitch, yarn over, then pull back through 
the stitch.  (Then you'll have 3 loops on your hook).  Yarn over 
and pull hook through all three loops.
 Note:  When you do your 3 hdc, that stitch will get bigger.  
Just pull the short end of yarn to tighten)
Until you get to the end.  (8 stitches) 
It should look like this so far

 Then, you'll do a hdc in each stitch until the end (9 stitches) 
in the end or 10th stitch, hdc 3.  Then, hdc in each stitch
along the other side of bow.  
 Note:  Make sure that when you hdc in each stitch that you go 
through both sides like picture above.

 Now, at this point, you can stop here and slip stitch in the next stitch.
Or if you want a bigger bow repeat last round again for as big 
as you want the bow.  
 To slip stitch, just put the hook through the next stitch
and yarn over, then pull the hook back through the stitch
and through the loop.  Then pull tight and cut yarn and, with needle(or I use my hook), weave in 
ends to hide them in your work.

 Then, cut a piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the bow 
a few times , wrap it and tie it off. 

There you have it!  A cute little bow in about 10 to 15 minutes! 
Yea!  You did it!  I love this project because it goes so quick and you get 
a really cute hair bow out of it!  
Do you crochet?  What kinds of projects have you done? 
Or is this your first time? Was this tutorial helpful?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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